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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your style?

I have a very editorial and candid style. Please check out the different galleries on our webpage to view samples of my work.

Why Should I choose to Hire Julia Conroy Photography, Inc.?

We take great pride in customer service and highly enjoy spending time with our clients in order to create artwork just for them. When you choose to hire us to capture your portrait or your wedding day, you have hired not only our experience, and our education but our high end editorial and unique powerful style.

Please feel free to set up a complimentary meeting with me before you decide to invest in my work. I would be happy to answer your questions and allow you to determine if I would be someone you can enjoy working with creatively.

Do we get a high resolution DVD?

Some wedding packages include a DVD with high resolution photographs. For wedding packages and portrait packages without high resolution DVDs, they can be purchased a la carte.

How long will it take to deliver the photographs?

Some photographers, especially wedding photographers, can take months to deliver your portrait and wedding photos. We pride ourselves on delivering your images to you within 5 weeks.

Wedding Photos are presented to you in an online gallery in our store. Three to four weeks from your wedding date, the photos will be uploaded into the store. If you your package included a DVD, you will receive it within six to eight weeks of your wedding.

Portrait Photos are uploaded into the store and presented to you 2-3 weeks after your session date.

What do proof books look like?

In an effort to become a greener company, we do not provide physical proof books. We provide an online gallery which allows you to view your photos and collect favorites.


Can photos be purchased online?

Absolutely! We have an online store where you can purchase prints, albums, wall art, framed images and much, much more!

How long will our photographs be available on the store?

Wedding photographs are available for 12 months from event date. Portrait photographs are available for 6 months after session date.

Do You Sell Wedding albums?

Yes!! We have a multitude of albums available. Wedding albums begin around $325.00 +tax (10page/20 side albums)

Color or Black and White?

I shoot digital photographs and color correct all final images. I use my creative license to determine whether a photograph is in color or in black and white.

What is your photography history?

While earning my B.S. in Psychology at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, I decided to use my remaining credits to take some photography classes. Of course, I fell in love with the art and decided to apply to Brooks Institute (in Santa Barbara, CA). Once I graduated, in 2004. I earned my B.A. in Professional Photography from Brooks Institute in 2009. I then worked for August Bradley in L.A. as well as a few other fashion photographers.

Since making the decision to move back to Harrisburg, PA I have been in the process of building my own business specializing in editorial style photography and shooting professionally for the past 4 years.

Why did you become a wedding photographer?

Portrait photography is my first love and because of the work I have produced for individuals, couples and families, I was then asked by couples (who enjoyed my style) to photograph their weddings. I learned that I truly enjoy capturing candid and magical moments during a wedding day. There is something so special about capturing the moments on a wedding day. I can honestly say, there is nothing quite like it.

How do you conduct yourself at weddings? What is your approach?

I always want to meet my potential clients before we book with them. This way we can all be sure, to be on the same page, before we get started. Prior to the wedding I like to help clients build a timeline and shot list for the day. My clients and I will also arrange a walk-through at each location, prior to their event.

On the big day, we follow our timeline and shot list a best we can so as not to be intrusive to the Bride and Groom. We always take the initiative to get creative shots when something catches our eye.

How many weddings do you shoot a day?

We shoot only 1 wedding a day. In fact, we shoot only 24 hours of wedding photography a month. We pride ourselves on high quality work and prefer to focus on our clients by giving them (and their photographs) the time they deserve. This allows us to remain true to our art and true to the clients we care so deeply about.

Do you have a studio? Are you full time photographer?

I do have a studio located at 3321 Fishing Creek Valley Road, Harrisburg Pa 17112. I am a full time photographer and own Julia Conroy Photography, Inc.

Do you accept credit cards?

We are currently equipped to accept credit cards online and are in the process of accepting them at our studio location and via mobile devices.

Do you travel?

Yes. We have plenty of experience traveling outside of the Central, PA area. Typically our clients cover our travel, housing, and food expenses.

Why is Professional Photography so Expensive?

We all know running a business can be expensive (insurance, rent,etc.) - and that photographic equipment used by professionals is a large investment- therefore we do not need to go into those details. I would however like to educate all of my potential clients about their photographic investment.

Wedding photography is made up of much more than the hours photographed during the big day. Professional photographers devote at least two hours of pre-event production time and, of course, the hours hired for the event day. What you may not know is, every hour photographed at a wedding can yield around 4-5 hours of post-production work (not including gallery uploads, correspondence, album design, etc.).

Portrait photography is not much different. There is usually an hour of pre-production work to be done prior to the shoot, the shoot itself, and about 3 hours (per 1 hour of photography) of post-production work. Add these hours to constant client correspondence, online gallery management and album/art design, you can begin to understand the pricing behind professional photography.

Above all, when you hire Julia Conroy Photography, Inc. you are investing in high quality and powerful artwork that will last a lifetime. Our customer service is hard to beat because we care so much about you and your investment. If you have any more questions about this, please feel free to email me at

Why are the High Resolution DVDs so Expensive?

We take great pride in producing original artwork for our clients. Each image is a piece of original work unique to each shoot. When you pay for the DVD you are paying for the ability to reproduce this artwork (within proper copyright standards), for as long as you please. Pricing the DVD's this way also helps us to maintain a level of quality control, which is important when creating art.

How many photographs will I receive from my wedding day?

This number depends on the hours booked for your wedding day. The number can range from 250 to 600 images.

How many photographs will I receive from my portrait session?

Generally, 1 hour of photography will yield around 25 photographs.