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Wednesday, September 19, 2018
By Julia Conroy Parkins
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Meet Your Digital Files

What Even IS a Digital File?

Digital files are the digital version of the edited photos from your session. Depending on what type of package you purchase, your files could be sized to print (include a print release) or are sized for web use. Digital files are delivered via a beautifully engraved wood USB (as pictured above) or via gallery download. Web sized files can be shared directly from your online gallery, while digital files sized for printing, are only available when you purchase a print or product package.


Cool! How Do I Acquire The Digital Files from My Session?

Digital Files are not sold separately, but are included free of charge with the purchase of each matching print or product. It is our prerogative, to provide you with not only a delightful and beautiful photography session, but to supply you with properly printed, high quality products. When you invest in a photography session with us, we want to protect that investment, by maintaining quality control over the products each photography package offers.

Anything Else I Should Know?


An important thing to remember is that all images captured by Julia Conroy Photography, Inc. are protected. Julia Conroy Photography, Inc., like any photographer, retains ownership of all images.


What this means, is when you purchase the printable digital files, or share the web sized files, you have purchased or been given the right (license) to share or print the files, but you do not own the photos. You also may not give or sell the images to a third party, without permission of Julia Conroy Photography, Inc. 


 Confusing? No Problem! Here is a helpful link from Alpine Internet: 


How Do Photo Rights, Licensing and Ownership Work?





Tuesday, September 18, 2018
By Julia Conroy Parkins
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How to Prepare for Your Fall Mini Session

What to Expect

Mini Sessions are a great way to fit a beautiful family photo session into your busy schedule. If there is one thing we understand, it is that time is precious. So let us do the heavy lifting, and get that yearly family photo checked off your list!


You will want to arrive 5-10 minutes early for your session. This way, we can make the most of the time we have together. We will have some snacks and drinks, and the studio has a nice sitting area and a bathroom - should you require either of these amenities, prior to the start of the session. 


Our Studio is Located at: 3321 Fishing Creek Valley Road, Harrisburg, PA 17112


Since the light changes with the sun, the exact location of the mini session will change through the day. Below are some outfit ideas, and we highly suggest wearing shoes you don't mind getting dirty. 


The sessions are short and sweet! Once we capture some fun moments, you are free to head out! Don't forget to grab some snacks before you leave!

What to Wear

When considering what to wear, just remember that everyone does not have to match. Simply work within a color scheme and get playful. I am going to include some color ideas below, as well as some outfits ideas. You are also going to want to be sure your attire matches your style and personality, and everything is wrinkle free and tidy.


Color Scheme Ideas


Keeping the colors of a fall environment in mind, you can certainly work with a neutral palette or a jewel toned palette. Heck, you can even mix them together! Accessories or an added layer of clothing (vests, jackets, sweaters, etc.) offers an opportunity to add pops of color.

Neutral Color Palette Inspiration


Jewel Toned Color Palette Inspiration

Neutral and Jewel Toned Color Palette Inspiration

** Outfit ideas and color palette ideas were not created by Julia Conroy Photography, Inc. Images found through Google Search and through Pinterest. When we could find the original creator of each image, we have given credit in the description.

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